Wednesday, May 14, 2014

dcrl cabinets

We've been busy these last few weeks making improvements to the DCRL. I bought some new lower and upper cabinets and tabletops to outfit the east wall of the the lab. We'll be setting up some student workstations here. Chad and I ripped down some 3/4" birch play so we could install a cleat system that will allow us to hang the cabinets on the wall as well as allow us to have storage area for tools. The cleat system will allow us to reconfigure things as we add tools or more cabinets. Dan drew up plans for the light brackets and I wrote the CAM for them yesterday. Chad and I cut one out and he assembled it yesterday. It works great, so he's going to bang out some more of these today. The lab is a mess right now with all of the construction, but we should be able to have things looking great in a few weeks. We'll be working on making some stools for the workstations, making a portable powder coat station, and a portable anodizing workstation. We have a few more tools to install as well. 

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arthur hash said...

This is amazing! Super jealous.