Friday, June 27, 2014

bella's hand

Kaivahn, one of our DCRL SURF students, has been working on a hand with Adream for the last couple weeks for a little girl named Bella. Adream had created a hand a few weeks ago, but it was simply too long in the gauntlet (due to a shorter forearm) for 4 year old, Bella. Adream and Kaivahn used a shortened gauntlet design that Adream created from Karuna and Shea's shortened gauntlet design and then put together the hand you see above. Bella came in to the DCRL this past week with her mother, Sarah to have Bella fitted for the hand. Adream knew ahead of time that she would need to make a thermoplastic cap since Bella's affected palm is so small. Adream asked me if I would assist in making the cap, so I got to help them out.

We made three different caps for Bella to test. The caps were made from thermoplastic and foam padding as well as just straight thermoplastic. These caps will allow Bella to "fill-out" the palm section of the hand so she can work on building wrist strength. It was such a pleasure to get called in to help Adream and Kaivahn with Bella's hand. 

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