Tuesday, June 17, 2014

hayley: "thank you for my hand"

David sent these videos today. It seems Hayley's second hand made it safely to Inverness. Hayley is tearing it up with the use of this new hand; she's doing great for having just received this new hand. I informed David that he may need to "speed-up" the thumb a bit to time Hayley's grip a bit better. Right now the thumb is a little slower due to cable tension, but I think he may be able to fix this with a quick adjustment on the hex pin tensioner. Hayley is the same age as my daughter, Maya, so these videos connect with my family in a special way. I just about melted when Hayley says "thank you for my hand". Thank you to Hayley, David, and Zania for sharing these videos and for helping us to learn more about ways to improve what we're doing.

I would also like pass along a special thank you to UWM DCRL SURF and Art and Design students, Kaivahn Sarkaratpour and John Koerner, for helping me to complete Hayley's second hand. After I printed the parts they scrambled to complete their first hand build as I walked them through the processes of assembly, stringing, and final finish. It was a crash course, but they managed everything well. In addition, my wife Jill is a big part of this work because without her nothing would make it to the post. So in keeping with Hayley's beautiful message to all of you who made the moments above possible:

"thank you"

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