Thursday, July 31, 2014

airco-db torch

When I was home this past week my Dad gave me an oxy-acetylene torch for my vintage torch collection. This particular torch is an Airco-DB 9100 with a Style 919 no. 5 touch tip on it. He got this torch along with a two small tanks, regulators, hose, and a hefty storage rack for the tanks, for under $30.00. I brought it home and cleaned it up. The Airco-DB a beautiful little torch. I've done some looking around and found this link that discusses early WWII sheet metal torch welding set-ups and the Airco is listed on the site along with the following picture of some Airco torches.

I also found this page from a book published in 1922.

I'll have to do some more digging around as I can't find a ton of info about this torch. I have all of the materials I need for torch welding aluminum and I'd love to see if this torch might be a viable option for welding aluminum. I'm anxious to try out my aluminum welding materials and have a go at the 3003 aluminum sheet in my studio. I've been watching the old videos and I think I'll be able to add this to some of my teaching. If anyone out there can date this particular torch, I'd be interested in hearing more about it's history.


Shop Teacher Bob said...

I've got a VHS on gas welding aluminum by Kent White - The Tin Man. It's close to two hours in length. I've also got a VHS by Ron Covell on hand forming aluminum. If you've got a VHS player, I'll gladly give them to you. I think I've still got a small book of welding exercises put out by Airco way back when. Go good with your torch. I'm starting to thin out the library. Just gave away a box full of machinist books to a neighbor.

I like that one wheel tractor, by the way. I've got a David Bradley with a bunch of attachments. I got it running a couple of years ago but really have no need for it - maybe in a couple of years when I finish up at the college I'll expand the garden.

Frankie Flood said...

I just bought the Kent White DVD aluminum welding DVD along with the general aluminum welding DVD that he sells. I don't have the Ron Covell one though. We would use them all in our library at school though if you're looking to get rid of the VHS tapes. I would also love the Airco book. We're trying to build a library here in our Metals area at UWM so any literature would be greatly appreciated. We could pay you for shipping and for your time.

Yeah those one wheel tractors are pretty cool. My Dad just likes restoring these things and getting them running. I'm not sure if he plans on using it much; it's just the quest that interests him... unless my Mom decides to put him to work. I'll pass along to him the info about you having a one wheel tractor and please let me know if you know of anyone who is looking for one like his.

Unknown said...