Friday, July 11, 2014

arthur hash + blog tour

Arthur Hash asked me to participate in a blog tour. Arthur posts about this blog tour here on his blog, The Art Escape Plan ( Like him, I have never participated in these before. It reminds me of trying to find the music that my favorite musicians are inspired by, so I'm game to give this a go. 

Side note: if you've never looked at Arthur's blog or his Flckr page... head on over and take a look at the amazing stuff he does. I admit that his blog is one of the blogs that I always spend considerable time on (especially when he posts movie marathon posts that suck me in for an entire Saturday or he's sharing a technique that he has discovered). Arthur is one of the few people I know in the Metals world that is so generous with information on how he makes his work. A lot of people tend to look at their work as an extension of their persona and they like to keep things secret and only let you see what they want you to see. Arthur is forthcoming and generous with his time and I know he's a stellar and dedicated teacher AND that scores big point with me! Arthur is also one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet and a first rate individual. Arthur's blog is probably the top blog that I look at and look forward to reading or even yearn for him to post more often (but I understand he's a busy guy, so Arthur, this is just my way of saying that I look forward to each and every post; no pressure!).

Well Arthur, here are my top three blog pics:

LeContainer is a blog that I have been following for a while. It's heavy on the motorcycle and automobile photography (which I happen to love), but there is a design flare to the photos on the blog. This blog is completely focussed on images; no text. I love the random assembly of images that are most times unrelated in terms of subject, but somehow fits together stylistically. I feel like each post is almost intentionally curated, yet they have a random quality that implies the act of internet searching naturally created these wonderful collections. If you're into architecture and furniture then you will find plenty to look at here.

Make, fix and create... is Doug Stowe's motto. He is a woodworker and teacher at Clear Springs School where he teaches the importance of teaching children to use their hands in order to broaden their minds. He also writes for Fine Woodworking and American Woodworker Magazines. Doug always speaks to me through his writings on education and is awesome at citing the importance of making, fixing, and creating to our development as a society. He fills each post with his personal thoughts and uses historic texts, philosophies, and their authors to prove his point. His ideas are thought provoking and make me examine my own ideas on the importance of creativity.

Bryan Cera was one of my former graduate students and now teaches digital art at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. He is a young artist working in digital mediums that is pushing the boundaries of where our technology will take us, and at the same time investigating what our obsession with technology implies about our society. Bryan came to my studio with an in-depth knowledge of physical computing, programing, video editing, etc. and became inthralled with combining his skill set with that of the traditional and digital Craft. His blog focusses on his projects and inspiration that he finds to create new forms of art that merge many different, yet extremely interesting and impactful ideas. He also favors modes of open source sharing so he is very forthcoming with his process. Check out his work for sure.

I admit that I had a difficult time only listing three blogs. The following list is just a handful of other blogs that I tend to get sucked into:

Former student blogs that I like to look at: (no longer current, but I'm hoping that if I post enough Eric Larson blogs that he will start blogging again. Side note: he is who got me into blogging.) (another Eric blog; no longer current but good stuff)

Additional Blogs that I like to Read:

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