Friday, July 25, 2014

baseball championship 2014: 2nd place

Last Saturday Noah's team played in the Whitefish Bay Little League Championship game. His team made an incredible run to defeat many teams that were ranked higher than his team and they became the "underdog" story at the ballpark this season. They stunned many teams that were not expecting to be beaten by his team. It was fun to watch the team effort that the boys put forth. The Championship game was neck and neck even all the way to the fifth inning and then a few bad plays set them back and they just couldn't recover by the end of the sixth inning. Anyone who has ever gone to one of these games realizes that things are very unstable and the tables are turned very easily. After seeing a lot of bad sportsmanship on other teams in the games leading up to the final game, it was great to see our boys take the loss in stride and see positive attitudes. Second place was still very good and the team was just pleased to be there. Jill played in the Mom's Game later that day so we all enjoyed our day at the park.

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