Saturday, July 26, 2014

dcrl powder coat cart

Chad and I have been working on our powder coat cart these last few weeks. He procured an old AV cart and I made a birch ply box to sit on top. I made some steel rods that we can sup end in various locations to allow us to hang our parts to be coated. We can use short wire hangers and then clip our electrical lead to the end of the steel rod that protrudes out the side of the box to conduct current through the wire hangers and the piece. I designed and 3D printed some rod end bushings and some slotted rod ends for the other side of the box that allow us to have a nice handle on the end of the rods. Chad designed some hangers for the Eastwood Hot Coat set-up we are using and he made 3D printed extension cord posts to wrap the cord around. He also made flashlight holders, a digital thermometer holder, and other various clips for securing everything to the cart. On Thursday, I worked on cutting out some powder coat container storage under the cart. I just used a couple hole saws to cut these from mdf. I have one more set of sheets to cut so we will have containers facing the front and the back. I have to make the spacers that hold the two sheets evenly apart from each other and then they will be secured to the cart as well. I also have a port that will go on the back of the box so we can route it to our ventilation unit and I still need to mount a light inside the box. This cart will make it easy for us to wheel out the set-up to the area in the building where our ventilation is located. We can line the box with cardboard and that will allow us to reclaim powder and make our clean-up easy.

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