Friday, July 25, 2014

dcrl upgrades

Yesterday, Chad and I placed all of the new lower cabinets in the DCRL so we could access all of our outlets on the East wall of the space. We organized the tool layout on the tabletops and I started securing tools to the tabletop. Chad had powder coated the new porta-band stand in his garage and a few tool holders that I had ordered from Swag Off Road. The pieces turned out great, and the porta-band saw is particularly slick. You may notice that it would be great for cutting long or wide objects due to the positioning of the saw and it's frame. We've already used this saw a lot. We'll have to fab an adjustable guard for it since there is a lot of exposed blade, but the fact that you can unscrew one bolt and lift the porta-band out for usual hand held use is awesome. I also attached the Potter bench shear, our modified Harbor freight bending brake, our bench lathes, and worked on cord management. We have a couple hydraulic presses that will also go on this side of the room. Chad has been working on all of the tool boards, doing layout, and printing tool holders that we can attach to the boards that will hang on the East wall. We'll get some vinyl silhouettes behind these tools eventually so it's clear where everything goes. I'm really anxious for the boards to be completed so we can have the East side of the room completed. The DCRL is really taking shape and I'm getting geared up for the new semester. While I was taking pics, I snapped a few of the quotes that I put up several weeks ago (also cut on our vinyl cutter). 

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