Sunday, July 13, 2014

uw@uwm 2014

I have two students that are working in the DCRL for four weeks as a part of the UR@UWM summer program (Undergraduate Research @ UWM). This program welcomes high achieving students to UWM the summer before they begin their college career at UWM. They get paid to work on research with a select group of faculty that are a part of the program. This year Sam and Alex are the students assigned to my lab. Sam and Alex will be completing several research projects during their four week stint. Within two days of work, they were able to print and partially assemble a RIT arm. One of their assignments is to create the RIT arm and then examine areas where we can make adjustments or add to the current design. They should be able to have the arm together by early this week. They will also be working on our DCRL robotic hands and the adaptation of a Myo bracelet to control these hands. They have also been chartered with making quick release adaptations to existing mechanical hand designs. Alex and Sam are incredibly driven and passionate about their work. I believe they are going to get a lot accomplished if their first two days in the DCRL is any indication. You can follow their work here.

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