Tuesday, August 19, 2014

file handles

I am getting ready for the new semester and I am building a hanging tool board for the metal files that we have in the DCRL. The files are from a surplus of brand new files that were thrown out by a Industrial Arts program that closed in a Bloomington, IL high school. I was able to save them thanks to a summer workshop participant from hers ago that worked at the school. None of the files had handles and I myself have many files without handles that need to be organized. Today I quickly modeled a set of handles and inserts that can be 3D printed. I based the shape on a Lutz handle as I always have liked the feel of their handles and they're simple. I did alter the design by using an insert similar to some of the commercial plastic handles that I have seen. Printing a few sets of handles will allow me to get the DCRL files organized and at the same time, I can start to organize my own files. I have placed the files on Thingiverse for anyone who needs file handles and I will upload the entire size range of files once my test print set is completed in an hour or so.

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Natalie Macellaio said...

Thanks Frankie! This will come in handy!!