Monday, August 18, 2014

hand drills

I seem to have acquired a few hand drills as of late. My Dad found the small blue drill and gave it to me last time I was home. It has several bits that are still intact inside the handle (I've rarely seen that). Then Chad and I bartered for the two speed hand drill at the top of the post. I have never come across one of these before so I really wanted it for my tool collection. We struck a deal and then the next day he comes in with another drill, only this time, it's older and has a built in level. There is something about these old hand drills, that I simply love.


Surly said...

Your two-speeder is referred to as a breast drill. The plate designed to be a place you rest your chest to apply force and stability when drilling. I have a single speed version similar to that one. I collect Millers Falls tools and they were known for making the finest hand drills. Nice tools.

Frankie Flood said...

Thanks for the info; great stuff. I was reading about the Miller's Falls tools here: