Sunday, August 17, 2014

lathes and toolboxes

I moved my long bed South Bend down to the basement shop this past week. I've been desperately trying to get things in order down there, so I can work more from home. I have slowly been acquiring more tools to be able to make myself  more self sufficient at home; so there is not so much back and forth with tools and materials. I found another drill press that I just repaired the original motor on. I should be able to get it up and running soon with a new/used chuck that I got fromDad last time we were home in IL. Carting the lathe downstairs was a a bit of a chore. I stripped it down completely though before attempting to carry it. It's still heavy though, but it's all back together and I only ended up with one or two back pains. I've been acquiring quite a few Kennedy toolboxes as of late. I'm not sure what it is about these, but I simply love them. Some of the best toolboxes you'll find. More on these soon.

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