Sunday, August 3, 2014

tormach open house pt1

Yesterday I traveled to Waunakee, WI outside of Madison, WI to visit Tormach, makers/distributors of a line of CNC machines and many accessories for CNC machines. Tormach had talked about future plans for an Open House a few months back on their blog and then I received some info about it just a month or two ago. I decided that this would be a great opportunity to see their new building and to see the new CNC lathe that they just released. I arrived at their headquarters and was immediately struck by the beautiful location of their building, the design of their open house banners, and then once inside, the friendliness of the people who greeted me. I immediately reconnected with Cassie at the registration desk, as she had been a part of the group who came to Milwaukee to shoot the Tormach video in my studio. It was so good to see Cassie and she directed me to the location where I could set-up a pizza cutter (a copy of the Isabella cutter that I machined in the Tormach video) that I had brought with me. People were invited to bring objects that they had made on their Tormach for display at the event. There was a cool rose engine turning set-up that I was very intrigued by as well as many other cool objects. The Tormach office spaces, showrooms, and workshops, warehouse, and classrooms are beautiful and well organized. As you can see above their showrooms are neatly organized with shelves of many of the accessories that Tormach sells. It's obvious that their building was very well planned for their needs as a growing company. Stay tuned for part 2 of the Open House visit.

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