Saturday, September 6, 2014

dcrl organization

Classes started this past week. The transition from sabbatical back to teaching/meetings has been more difficult than I anticipated. I spent most of the previous week preparing the DCRL for the return of students. Chad and I finished work on the tool boards we were working on and we ran cables for the projector and new teaching computer desk. I created a 3D scanning station separate from the CAD area and connected a Wacom tablet to that same computer. We spent time cleaning and organizing and I mounted our new/old vises. The new Shapeoko work area is going to be really nice once we have all of the electrical run for this. I still need to organize a few tool layout boards and make some spaces for job/show announcements and postcards, but things are presentable. My first two classes back, were really great. The students are excited and I had more people wanting in than I could take, so that's a good sign for next semester.

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