Sunday, September 21, 2014

new palm design

In between preparing work for my exhibition and designing for the Raptor hand release, I have been working on a thumbless and non-thumbless palm to accommodate hands that have partial digits. This particular palm is being designed for both a local boy as well as a young boy from the Middle East who are both in need if a hand. This palm features printable hardware and is very robust. I printed the palm you see above with NO supports and not even modeled supports (as I have been doing with the gauntlet) in ABS plastic. It does have some stringiness and is thin in the arch area, but it's really amazing that it printed with no support (even in the cutout for the thumb). Future versions will have modeled printing supports. In my most recent hand designs, I am trying to accommodate for a wider range of printers as well as printing conditions. I am also interested in designing hands that can hold up to harsh conditions in other parts of the world. I will also work on creating a cover for the cable channels that allow this area to be covered. I'll be sharing this design work with one of our DCRL partners in hopes that this might suit our friends in need that live both close and far away.

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