Sunday, October 5, 2014


Hayley Fraser and her Family overtook the BBC media last week. The BBC wrote a couple articles, one with video shown above and one on the building of the hands. It was really awesome to see Hayley using her hand and seeing her on her scooter and around the house. David and Zania had sent videos and pictures when I first sent the hands, but I hadn't seen anything from them recently. Honestly, I have just been too busy with other hand requests, school, exhibitions, and conferences and I feel bad that I have not been able to follow up. Regardless, I was so stoked to see the lovely pictures of their family and to hear the story in their own words. David and Zania shared so many stories with me on Facebook this past week including a beautiful morning show segment with Hayley. I think the word on 3D printed hands is traveling fast as a result of the BBC pieces. I received a few requests for hands from Europe this weekend and things are ramping up for the e-NABLE group as well. I think membership just took a major rise, so the word is officially out. I just keep thinking that there are so many more people effected by limb differences than I originally realized. I just wonder why nothing has been done in the past specifically for people who fit this description? 

I sent photos of Kaivahn and John K for the BBC follow up article and so I'm happy to see them featured prominently in the article as they did the assembly of Hayley's second hand. I know Kaivahn wants to continue this kind of volunteer work, so hopefully this will further show him what is possible when you give some time and abilities to things that might benefit others in some small way.

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