Sunday, November 30, 2014

cari's eye wear

Last Tuesday night, I stayed late and helped my student Cari cut some pieces for her senior portfolio course as well as some eyewear components for my class on my Tormach mill. I gave her a crash course in RhinoCAM a week or two ago when she wanted to mill a bracelet for her senior class. It seems she has taken to the program as she came in the following week with more files that were all set up for Mach 3. I won't be teaching RhinoCAM until next semester, but I thought it was good for her to get this since she's on her way out at the end of this semester. Not to mention she has "drive". She was one of my Intro to Metals students a few semesters ago, so it has been good to have her in a class again. She was going to be doing some shaping to the brass blanks we cut during our break, so I look forward to seeing her progress. Cari's buddy Calvin hung around until her parts were completed. He's a good student too and I look forward to seeing his development as the next few semesters go by.

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