Sunday, November 16, 2014

dcrl visit: sfrobotics

Mr. Peter Graven is a science teacher in St. Francis, WI. He had taken a tour of my lab this past summer and so he recently reached out to me to inquire about making a Cyborg Beast. His students were working (over their lunch hour) on creating a hand for a four year old girl in California via e-NABLE and they were looking for some information on how to do assembly as well as any tips I might have on printing  We talked about a Skype session to help answer some immediate questions and I informed Peter that I was more than willing to have everyone up to the Digital Craft Research Lab if they so desired. 

Last week Mr. Graven's group visited and I was able to spend some time discussing some of the tools we use to create work in the DCRL as well as perform a couple of demonstrations on using CAD software to design and build things. I have many groups of prospectives students visit the lab each year and I would say that this was one of the best groups I have had visit. Each student was engaged and respectful. It was great to be able to share some time with Mr. Graven's eager students and I can't wait to see how this journey will impact their future. I received a very kind message from one of the students later on Friday night; I could tell he was super excited by what he had experienced  It's amazing how this work has inspired so many people to become active in helping others. Spread the word and get involved!

You can check out their progress here.

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