Sunday, November 30, 2014

hybrid clap skate

Last week I met with Brent Aussprung. He is a UWM alumni and winner of the UWM Start-Up Challenge, as well as a former U.S. national speed skating team member. He has designed a speed skating ice skate that marries the traditional fixed skate and the clap skate. He had been referred to me, as the UWM machine shop was not sure how he should bring together a stainless steel component and a steel blade holder. The UWM Foundation thought that I might be able to help Brent out. Brent and I scheduled a meeting to discuss the components on Tuesday morning and within an hour or so we had the bumper of the clap skate cut off, files and prepped, and the machined stainless steel component brazed on. I think Brent was pleased as now he can test his skates. He told me that his skate design falls within the current rules and he thinks it will change the sport. For more on Brent and the UWM Start-Up Challenge check out this link.

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