Monday, December 29, 2014

jill's wreck

Jill was involved in a car accident a few days before Christmas. Luckily, she is fine besides some heavy bruising of her right hand and wrist. The airbags likely were to blame for the bruising, but it would have been much worse if the airbags had not been there. Jill was on the inside lane of the three lane highway when someone reacted to a merging truck and the driver in the middle lane reacted and hit the side of Jill's Pilot and turned the Pilot sideways. Jill was fortunate not to flip the Pilot as she skidding sideways for quite a distance and worked her way across the other two lanes until she hit the concrete median on the far outside lane of the highway. She was also lucky that she had reduced her speed quite a bit before hitting the wall. The paramedics insisted that Jill go to the hospital to have some scans and x-rays. She had a swollen hand and wrist, a few scratches, a sore nose, and a bruised knee. All was well and I was able to pick Jill up at the hospital thanks to our friends (who loaned us a car and stayed with our kids). I am just so glad that Jill didn't do any major harm to herself and we were both glad the kids were not along for the trip. The airbags did their job for certain.

The other driver was uninsured so that was a bummer, but luckily she was o.k. and her car faired better than ours and she was able to drive away. We just found out today that our Honda will be totaled as a result of the damage. Now we get to start the "fun" process of buying a car (note: sarcasm). All is well though and we were all able to enjoy Christmas with the kids and our families. We feel blessed.


Have Blue said...

Ouch! Relieved she wasn't hurt!

As for the Pilot, I'm sure you can at least beat the body panels back into shape! :-)

Frankie Flood said...

Thanks! We were glad the airbags did their thing.

Ha, ha, yeah I better get to hammering...!