Thursday, January 1, 2015

metal storage rack

I'm doing a little New Years organization these last couple of days. After moving all of the tools in my studio and cleaning in all the nooks, I decided it was time to build some metal storage as the flat file I was using wasn't up to the weight of the metal. I drew up a plan to cut some plywood and build a rack that could store most of my aluminum and steel sheet. I went down to the studio woodshop to get a cart to take my plywood from the 3rd floor to the basement, and low and behold there was a skid that was similar to what I was planning on building. I ditched my original plan and lugged the skid up to my studio. I anchored it to the wall to keep things from moving around. It happens to fit in an underutilized portion of the studio near my vertical wall rack. The skid is super heavy duty and so I just added some mdf shelves that allow me to compartmentalize the parts of the skid. I was going to deck the skid to make it look nice, but after loading it down with metal, I like how easy it is to see what metal I have. Not to mention the slats allow me to climb to the top.  It was good to use some scrap and I even saved some time.

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