Thursday, February 26, 2015

UWM research report

UWM recently released the research report that documents some of the work being done at UWM this past year. On Monday, they did a full page takeover on the school website to celebrate the report release. 

The University media team organized a photo shoot several months ago along with some new video footage. They proposed putting my "mug" on the cover of the report and decided to have me come into the photo studio for some experimental shots. I was "too clean" that particular day, so they ended up photoshopping stubble onto my face. This allowed them to propose the cover to "the powers that be". Then they asked me to come back in a few weeks later but this time they wanted three days of beard growth. I arrived at the shot and they decided that I was too scruffy, at which point the art director  left to get a beard trimmer at Walgreens. She came back and then we had to test out the various settings so we could get just the right amount of stubble. Talk about trouble... Then I got to stare directly into a bright light for several minutes. I guess you never realize what goes into these things. 

Anyway it was an honor to be featured and to be on the school website with my good friend Adream.

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Felice Luftschein said...

I want to see the market research that arrived at the value for the right amount of stubble.