Wednesday, March 25, 2015

/2 frame and /5 tins

Ed from Chicago dropped off his /2 frame last week. I'm welding one of the sidecar mounts, some solo seat tabs, and the earls brace for his conversion bike. Maybe this will motivate me to get my various tabs and things welded on my slash 2 conversion. Ed was so kind to give me a set of /5 fenders and the large capacity fuel tank. He is building a second BMW "special" and doesn't need these components so he offered them to me. I'll use them on either my R60/5 or my R75/5 if I ever get around to doing a restoration on one of them. Ed and I determined that the previous owner/restorer of this bike must have been a packers fan with the green paint and gold pinstripes. Luckily the gold pinstripes were in vinyl so they have already been stripped off. I may have to find someone with a steady hand to stripe the tank and fenders in black for me.

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