Sunday, March 8, 2015

new ural tank

After we returned from Brookfield, I worked on the Ural. My fuel tank has been weeping gasoline around one of the seams, so I found a used tank on eBay. Turns out the fellow that bought my sidecar had it. He delivered it a few weekends ago when he came up to Milwaukee for "Mama Tried". He dropped the tank off, along with a brand new Yamaha petcock to replace the stock vacuum petcock that is notorious for causing trouble. This afternoon, I mounted the new petcock, and then got to work on doing a tank swap. I had to borrow a fuel line t-fitting since the Yam petcock only has one outlet. I'm happy to have the sealed tank on the bike, but I want to do a proper fix so I can remount the black one. The burgundy tank will have to fill the void for now.

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