Friday, May 15, 2015

manhole cover

A few months ago, I assisted a former UWM alum, Melanie Ariens, with a project for Milwaukee DPW. She was working on submitting a design for a manhole cover and she needed some help realizing her design in Rhino so that it could be translated to be cut via CNC machine. She ended up winning the bid and now the pattern is being cut at the Foundry in Neenah. She sent some images to show me the work they're doing. 

She wrote: The image will take the entire weekend to mill, then they will mill the text separately on Monday and Tuesday. Then off to the foundry! 

This is a great example of the skills that the students in the DCRL can put to work when they harness digital modeling and cmc skills with traditional craft forms like foundry. I can't wait to see this iron covering out on the street someday soon.

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