Thursday, June 4, 2015

fj progress

Well, I started cleaning up the FJ40 this week. I have all seats and roll bar drilled and mounted inside now. I was able to get the carb rebuilt and the engine started this week, I cleaned the seats, and installed on of the extra sets of interior door panels, I rebuilt the door latches on the rear ambulance doors and the passenger side door. I hooked up a battery, tested all of the lights, controls, and it all checks out amazingly enough. I then started stripping paint to prepare for some minor sheetmetal repair and then some epoxy sealer. Most of the sheetmetal is beautifully straight. I found out that transfer case, transmission AND brakes are functional. I couldn't believe that the brake fluid just needed topped off and that the brakes work. The lines all look new so I think I'm good to go there. These things are literally bolted together and I love how easy it is to dismantle. I'm going to have some repair work in windshield hinge area, the top  as well as the lower section of the doors, butI think it should be minimal compared to the single cab project. Ive been looking at the architectural powder coat by Cardinal that Icon uses on their FJ builds, as well as their polyuria coatings. They are doing some interesting things with finishes and it might be nice to emulate those, almost like a giant piece of jewelry with contrasting surfaces, but I also like bone stock FJs. I'l have to think on this for a while. I did contact Hytech about some powder coating. I could at least powder coat the grill/light bezel and the stock wheels. Right now I'm just happy that the engine, brakes,trans, and transfer case check out. I've been able to do quite a bit of work in a short period of time and it feels good to get dirty every night after work but see the progress. I realized this week that I miss banging on cars and bikes with Eric.

On the agenda next is an exhaust system, new tires, and of course, paint. Stay tuned...

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