Wednesday, June 10, 2015

popular mechanics: cnc drill press

Chad Bridgewater's CNC drill press was photographed this week for un upcoming issue of Popular Mechanics on the topic of "DIY". PM sent a photographer to Chad's home studio to do an eight hour photo shoot with the CNC press that Chad created for his MFA exhibition. I know this was a real thrill for Chad as he's been inspired by the vintage issues of Popular Mechanics, when there were numerous "how to" articles on how to use a lathe, table saw, or drill press to it's maximum potential. In addition, Chad has spent a large amount of time studying old tool brochures from 1920-1950. This has got to be the utmost thrill for him; to know that he will be a part of this continuum. I'm just overjoyed to see this materialize and I can't wait to see the upcoming issue of Popular Mechanics!

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