Tuesday, June 30, 2015

white motorcycle

This weekend, I was busy at home doing yard work. Then I finished, Maya and I washed the white R75/5, the Ural and the Husqvarna. She and I charged up the battery on the Beemer and took it out for a couple of rides this weekend. She likes the R75 better than the Ural as she hates it when I "fly the chair" with her in the sidecar. She's been asking for "white motorcycle" rides everyday since Saturday. I've been riding the Beemer since the Ural is out of commission for a while. I ordered a new gel battery, a new seat cover, and a tune-up kit so I can change the oil, install new plugs and plus wires, adjust the points/timing and adjust the valves. The BMW felt light, agile, and fast on the way to work this week. I guess I've grown accustomed to the "tractor" that I usually ride to work.

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