Tuesday, July 7, 2015

fj40 frame strip

Last week I prepped the frame for a coating of POR 15. I removed the riveted rear crossmember braces since there was some rust behind them and wire brushed the entire frame. I put the frame up on jack stands so I could get to all of the nooks and crannies. I also fixed all of the tapped holes with broken bolts in the frame and made sure the other holes were clear and clean. While I was at it, I cleaned the engine and removed old brake lines. It became clear to me, while I was grinding and cleaning, how well built these FJ40's are. I removed the old exhaust manifolds and I'll be looking for a pair of Corvette style ramshorn manifolds to replace the old ones so I can run the exhaust a little tighter to the block. The conversion set-up that was on there ran a little too close to the frame and some of the brake lines for my liking. The ramshorn setup should let me run the exhaust inside the frame rails which will keep things tucked up and out of the way. The advanced adapters setup is really nice and the motor and transfer case mounts are heavy duty. I did trim the motor mounts down a bit as there appeared to be a universal type mount with adjustments for different engines or positioning. The mounts stuck out kind of close to the inner portion of the front fenders, so trimming them a bit made sense to me. I used the POR 15 Metal prep on all of the exposed metal and got things prepped for the POR15. 

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