Thursday, July 30, 2015

scott's press

I stopped past Scott Dennison's hanger this morning to drop off the dies for the Corsair hinge caps. He's going to give them a try and see if he can test his metal forming process using these machined dies. I told him that I can cut others if need be that even include the witness marks for the mounting holes etc. once we have confirmed final part dimensions, etc. I took a look at some of the work he has in the shop as well as his new hydraulic press. I really like the modification he made to this harbor freight press. This is similar to how we use the press that we use in the DCRL except that Scott's modification have made this press a bit better for the kinds of dies that we use. I'll have to make some modifications to ours after seeing this. It should be great for some of the oversized dies that we create in our classes. I still need to make a press like his long Chalkie press

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