Friday, July 24, 2015

toolbox printer: boca bearings edition

Chad completed his Boca Bearings Toolbox/3D printer recently. I believe he is building a copy of this for himself since this one will be going to Boca. This one is very slick with a neat welded steel frame. I think he could produce printer kits with his welded frame if was inclined to do so. This frame takes the DIY printer out of "hacker/hack" territory and into a place where the welded frame as been thought out and designed to optimize production. Chad has been getting a lot of opportunities to build machines and do commissions for people. He also recently secured a teaching position. It's great to see how he has taken the ideas that he learned in the first Digital Fabrication course and his experiences in grad school and morphed them into what he is now doing. What a cool 3D printer too!

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