Monday, August 31, 2015

autodesk: DreamCatcher

Monkey Like Shiny (Jeff Tiedeken) posted this on Instagram today and it blows my mind...

Who knows if I should show stuff like this but this is the stuff that gets me stoked... Here is some pictures of the new Autodesk DreamCatcher concept program, it's design to take normal 3d models and with pre-loaded calculations and constraints of requirements, the software removes or adds all the excess material or surface area for heat dissipation leaving some random wild designs your brain could never think of... This is the stuff i get stoked about because it's going to change the bicycle, aerospace and medical industry in the next years... The future is now and computers are only giving us a taste what they can compute.... This C clamp was machined by an Autodesk intern as a study, it's rough looking for a reason as this was the places where material was needed and not needed for about 300 lb of clamping force out of a few ounce c-clamp, the other orange print is a enlarged version of random bone implant material designed in DreamCatcher, the real one would be micro and 3d printed in titanium... autodesk is ruling it, glad to be working with a company pushing the limits for human innovation!

For more on Autodesk DreamCatcher see thisthis, or this.

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