Monday, August 10, 2015

morning glory craft fair 2015

The graduate students put together a show for the Morning Glory Craft Fair this past weekend. We spent most of last week making all new display, and Caitlin did a ton of work on the website, lettering, and acrylic bending. Anna and Melis did powder coating, painting, more acrylic bending, mounting and wrapped up all of the loose ends. A giant thanks to Duncan as well who logged a ton of hours helping Caitlin and Crew. I am super proud of all of the students for taking this on. The booth looked great! They worked so hard even though it is summer break and they dedicated the weekend to being at the show and talking with people that were interested in the work. I hope it was a learning experience and that they made some potential connections. The craft fair scene here in Milwaukee is in need of younger people to continue the tradition of these kinds of events, so I hope that this helps to start the ball rolling.

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