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Shortly after WWII in war-torn Germany, a small group of speed enthusiasts emerged from tool rooms and barns sporting lightweight aluminum bodied race cars across the German countryside. These cars were purpose built with one goal in mind, speed. The cars shared common underpinnings most often in the form of scrap Volkswagen and aircraft pieces from the left over military vehicles.

Early day "Privateers" such as Petermax Muller and Huscke von Hanstein traded scarce food supplies with Wolfsburg engineers for modified Porsche and VW parts to build the Petermax Muller Special. The Muller Special was built on a Kubelwagen chassis with Schwimmwagen front suspension and highly modified Vogelsang heads. The car went on to win and set records in the first Postwar days of racing.

Other "Eigenbau" (translated Home-built) Aluminum bodied specials included Kurt Kuhnke's VW beetle based racer and the sleek Rometsch Porsche. One racing special made a name for itself, that was Walter Glockler's VW "Eigenbau." After the war, Glockler had opened his Frankfurt VW Dealership and had a long standing interest in motorsport. He appointed the ingenious race engineer Hermann Ramelow to build his chassis and coachbuilder C.H. Weidenhausen to wrap the car in its beautiful aluminum skin. The car began wearing a VW badge but in a short time, Porsche had approached Glockler pressuring him to put the Porsche name on his car in exchange for Porsche parts. The deal was done and the Glockler Porsche was born. Glockler went on to build several variations of his Porsche Specials, all bodied by C.H. Weidenhausen, eventually the car would give birth to the Porsche 550 Spyder.

Shown in the photos is #FF003, the third of the "Frankfurt Flyer" series. Chris Runge teamed up with longtime VW/Porsche builder Chuck Beck who developed the steel Tubular frame chassis and VW based fully adjustable suspension. The engine was built by Landspeed record holder and Porsche/VW engine expert Tom Bruch for this car. The case comes from a 1958 VW 36HP engine. Tom took a counterweighted Porsche 912 Crankshaft and modified it to fit the VW main bearings, increasing the stroke from 64MM to 74MM. Tom also installed an ISKY 2J camshaft. This is the very cam that was given to him from Ed Iskenderian in 1966 and which he later set a landspeed record with in 1967. Tom used Wolfsburg West Dual port heads and dual carbs to obtain healthy airflow for a total output of 85HP. The car weighs in at 1,250LBS. 

Steel Ladder Frame Chassis with Mid Engine configuration 85" Wheelbase
Custom Built Vintage Speed Powerplant by Tom Bruch
VW Wide 5 Drum Brake
VW 4 Speed Transaxle
12V Electrical System
VDO Gauge Package
Early VW/Porsche Type Headlamps
Beehive Tail Lamps
Hand hammerd ALU body left in raw finish with hand painted livery
2 Seat cockpit with dual windscreen (Racing Tonneau optional)
Driver and passenger door access
Porsche 356 type reproduction steel 15" wheels
1962 VW Title/Registration

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