Wednesday, August 5, 2015

tormach open house 2015

This past Saturday, I attended the 2nd annual Tormach Open House. I was just as impressed this year as I was last year. The folks at Tormach always put on a first class operation and this year was no exception. 

I was particularly excited to attend as I wanted to chat with some other mill users about the Path Pilot upgrade. I've been holding off on making the move away from Mach 3 and so I wanted some reassurance before I install the card and wipe the Windows OS in favor of the Linux system. I also had heard that John from NYCCNC was going to be there as well as John from Grimsmo knives, so I figured it would be cool to meet them. Tormach had a large list of workshop/demos and there were several topics that I was interested in. Folks from Autodesk were in attendance and I wanted to speak to them about doing some demos in the DCRL

The event was packed with close to 200 people in attendance. I spent the whole day at Tormach HQ and I had a blast. I met some other users and got see what they use their milling machines to produce, we were treated to lunch, saw many new things in development at Tormach, and I learned so much from the various topics. I walked away felling like the event this year was even better than last! 

I have been thinking of the people at Tormach with the recent sudden passing of one of the owners, Greg Jackson, so it was a real testament to the character of the employees that they put on such an event at such a difficult time. One thing is sure...Greg Jackson would have been proud!

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