Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1945 bridgeport documentation

Just a few original Bridgeport documents from 1945. I was freaking out when I saw all of this with the mill. The proposal/quote/brochure is so cool as is the info on the optical system, but the invoice is simply stellar. Looks like they ordered all the bells and whistles.

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David Holmes said...

Thanks so much, Frankie! My father was a machinist/ setup man for 16 years at Chandler-Evans in West Hartford, CT (ran a Sheffield crush grinder). He retired in 1971, and used to tell me about problems he had to solve while running the machine: "miking up" parts with micrometers, using shadow graphs, reaching tolerances, etc. I used to wonder about milling machines, lathes, drill presses, etc.
One amazing thing is that this country MADE things at that time, and now it DOESN't, overall. Connecticut was heavily industrialized, and Bristol, my home town, made clocks, watches, timing devices, golf clubs, fishing gear, had a brass rolling mill (Bristol Brass). Billions of ball bearings were produced in the war years by New Departure. Unfortunately, all of that is gone now. Thanks so much for this insight.