Monday, October 12, 2015

siu-c jewelry studio

Sun Kyoung Kim took me up to the jewelry studio above the smithy. Sun started in the MFA program at the U of I the year after I graduated, so we have connected a few times over the years at SNAG conferences and such. I have always been a huge fan of her work. She is such a kind person and it was great to see her and her new child. She invited us to take a look around and it was a great opportunity to see the SIU-C facilities. I remember seeing the studio when I was at SIU for an interview many many years ago. Many of the impressive pieces of equipment that I remember are still in use. The rolling mill is notable as this was a major piece that was acquired during the early years of experimentation and research into Mokume Gane. The rolling mill is a beast! I really love the natural light that pours into this space. Sun mentioned that the studio hasn't changed much since Brent Kington and Richard Mawdsley were there. She said they have pictures of Brent standing at the sink and smoking a cigarette in the teaching room. I've heard similar stories from my own institution of days gone by. So great to feel the aura of this place as well. Thanks to Sun for showing us around.

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