Tuesday, October 27, 2015

taylor studios walkthrough

I worked at Taylor Studio after graduating from grad school. I worked there for one year and then left to teach at UWM. I have to admit this place opened my eyes to the kinds of jobs that my schooling and life had trained me for. I never did the same thing twice while working here, so every day was different. I was able to build things that were larger than I might have been able to afford at the time and I always felt challenged by the projects as they always included several problem solving opportunities. Did I mention I worked with some of the most supportive and talented people? If you've never had to make something under budget, and in a certain amount of time, and with the highest possible quality and finish, then I think you should check out this place. You'll get to work with people that know the tricks of the trade who get things accomplished. Curt shown welding in this video (at :40) is probably one of the most talented large scale sculptors I have ever met;and  he's definitely one of the most motivated people I have ever worked with. He was able to make the most of very little and I always looked up to him and his talents. I was able to travel to different parts of the country for install jobs, learn from my co-workers, and project managers, and grow as an fabricator, artist, and designer. Jason who narrates this video was one of my project managers and he was so supportive during my year of employment there. It's good to see how the company has grown (also, good to see the sandblaster that I built from scratch is still there; left side at 3:15). I'm glad to have had this experience and I hope that my students have similar experiences for professional growth.

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