Monday, November 30, 2015

240z choke plate

The Datsun 240Z has a cable actuated choke for starting the car in the cold. On the early cars, there is a lever that pivots off of a small plate that attaches to the under side of the console. These consoles are notorious for cracking where the plate mounts as cables age and the cable get's stuck inside it's sheath. I decided to fabricate an aluminum plate that would mount the choke to the transmission tunnel and keep me from breaking the console. Dad found me a piece of 1/8" aluminum sheet and setup the horizontal bandsaw for vertical use (that stupid saw cut me so many times as a kid; good times learning NOT what to do). I made a simple cardboard template and then since I was at my parents place I was just used the bandsaw to cut out a crude shape that I could transfer my mounting holes to (it's amazing how quickly you can turn out something when you're just trying to get the job done). My first stab at the plate interfered with the ash tray so it required a little trimming and contouring. The aluminum plate screws to the tunnel and the stock cable pivot is mounted to my fabricated plate with some bolts and spacers. The new choke mount works flawlessly and the car runs great now that I have the ability to fine tune the choke adjustment from closed to wide open. What an improvement. 

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