Saturday, November 21, 2015

autodesk fusion 360 workshop

I hosted an Autodesk Fusion 360 workshop conducted by Dan Banach of Autodesk two weeks ago in the DCRL. We had a great turnout with lots of DCRL students and faculty from UWM Architecture, UWM Theater, Shorewood high school, and area Colleges (Bryan Cera from Cardinal Stritch and Chad Bridgewater from Carthage College). Dan gave a great talk and demonstration and talked about the various programs that Autodesk has to offer. I provided pizza for the students and it was a really fun demo day. We'll have to do some more demos like this in the future.

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David Holmes said...

Thanks for those pics, Frankie. I downloaded Google Sketchup yesterday and started watching some tutorials on it.These software programs may become a part of a regular school curriculum in the near future(?). Anyway, they are fascinating.
On the 3D printer front, the East Hartford, Ct Public Library now has two Makerbots in use on the top floor of the library. The library charges $1.50 per hour to produce objects using PLA. You just insert a flash drive containing the files you want printed, and away it goes! They also will be offering short (one hour) tutorials on how the machines work. These sessions are FREE! Good luck to all.