Saturday, November 7, 2015

fj40 rear heater

I haven't worked on the FJ40 in quite a while since I'm just too busy with school, but I can work on small projects from time to time. The FJ40 has a small heater behind the front seats to keep back seat passengers warm. There are hoses from the heater core that direct antifreeze to the small radiator that is a part of the back seat heater. There is fan that sits in the center of the radial shaped radiator and it blows warm air out through the sheetmetal housing. The small fan motor had a busted magnet so I repaired that and got it working again and then sand blasted all of the sheetmetal parts. I powder coated the parts and it's ready for reassembly. Too bad the rest of the Land Cruiser isn't ready for winter... guess I'll be riding the Ural all winter.

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