Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Pete Prodoehl just posted a very kind post about the blogs he follows. Pete was kind enough to list my blog as one of these blogs and he also happens to follow several people that I follow; and look forward to reading posts from these interesting makers. I might add that Pete should have his own blog on this list as I look forward to reading about what he is up to each week. Also, you might not realize it, but Pete has been blogging FOREVER; like since the beginning of the interweb! Pete is also heavily connected to the Maker movement and all happenings within the community; and not just Milwaukee as you might expect since he lives in Milwaukee...but worldwide. Pete was one of the key individuals that has raised the profile of the Milwaukee Makerspace with his connections and "never stop doing" attitude. Pete combines his knowledge of design, photography, coding, with making to create super interesting projects and he has a way of motivating the masses and building connections between people and potential collaborators. He connected me with Shea several years ago, so I am eternally grateful for that lasting relationship that I am sure will last a lifetime. Pete is an outstanding individual. 

Do yourself a favor and go check his blog.

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