Monday, January 11, 2016

creating metal casting molds with a laser cutter

Aaron De Lanty just shared this little gem with me.

He writes:
I just learned this technique from the new fablab manager, Benny Hill, about using the laser cutter to make molds.

That's three pieces of 1/8in plywood laser etches designs and vents. Cast pewter into it several times and it looks like it could handle several more.

When I went to sloss there was a lady who gave a demo on hand cut molds out of MDF and casting bronze into it.

I am wondering if I can apply the same principal and try casting silver/aluminum/bronze.

Benny also said you can etch into cuttlefish. And just dust away the residue and you get the cuttlefish pattern back with some slight bevels. I think am I going to try using the 3D engraving process on the cuttlefish to create a more complex mold.

Thanks Aaron!