Tuesday, February 9, 2016

3D scanned uwm panther

A few of the other schools on campus are becoming more and more interested in 3D printing that they have now purchased desktop 3D printers. But of course now they are faced with the issue of what to print. Last week, two different entities on campus emailed me asking for files to print. One is planning an even that the Chancellor will attend so they asked if I could provide them with a design that they could give to the Chancellor. I decided I would use this as an opportunity to 3D scan the new bronze panther sculpture that was recently commissioned by the University. Former alumni, Tom Queoff, sculpted the piece. I walked to campus from my studio and decided to take some pictures of the panther before one of the many meetings I attended yesterday. This morning, I spent a few minutes trimming the scan and then promptly 3D printed the model you see here. Honestly this was a quick and simple project to test the capabilities and resolution of a 3D scan created from still images. This is something that we will be incorporating into our Design for Digital Fabrication course in the coming years.

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