Saturday, March 19, 2016

kent watson nose ring

During the last couple weeks I've been working with graduate student, Kent Watson, on some projects that he has been wanting to do. I have been so bogged down lately with administrative duties, that it's nice to have time to just work with the grads discussing ideas and making some things. I helped Kent 3D scan himself in a toy army soldier pose and then we 3D printed this. He was hoping to see what reducing the scale in the print would do to the low resolution scan and how this might actually create a object that appears to have more detail at a small scale. I helped him with getting a makeshift rotisserie made to facilitate this project. Then the next week we worked on making a sand cast from his 3D printed nose. In the following days I taught Kent how to use the lathe to make an aluminum ring that he could attach the cast nose to. Kent has been getting a lot of internet press for his "nose ring". Kent is a hard worker and I am glad to see him in the DCRL working all the time. I think he realizes that his production and thought process requires constant making and investigation. Glad to see him getting a little press.

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