Friday, April 22, 2016

noah's face

Noah took a school field trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum several weeks ago where he received an art assignment to respond to an artwork by creating his own creative piece. Noah was excited by Crying Girl by Roy Lichtenstein and Nancy by Chuck Close. During Easter weekend he and I shot a few photographs so that he could respond through a self-portrait. We made a rasterized image and then brought that into Rhino so we could set-up our layout, create a grid, and size things to our material size. Each panel is 11.75 inches square. This week, we laser engraved several panels of birch plywood to create the image you see above. 

When I got home on Tuesday, I read the assignment form (more closely) with Noah and discovered the last sentence included a size and weight limitation. Artworks were to be no larger than 2 feet. Whoops...I guess that's what I get for not reading through things thoroughly. 

Luckily, the piece was a big hit with Noah's art teacher. She asked him if he planned on keeping the piece, because if not, she would be willing to hang it on her wall. I think Noah enjoyed this project almost as much as I did!

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Julie B said...

Noah love your self-portrait!