Tuesday, May 17, 2016

eric larson: multi force designer

Anyone who reads this blog knows that Eric Larson of Clear Irons is one of my closest friends. We've worked on many projects together during our time at the University of Illinois and after. Eric and I have always somehow managed to work well together when it comes to wrenching or making something out of nothing. Even though Eric lives in Chicago, we have somehow managed to stay close. I don't know if I would have survived the transition of living in Milwaukee if it had not been for the bi-weekly metal hammering, welding, and grinding sessions that we did out at the Seward Shop. It's going to be weird to move farther away from Eric, as he has been the closest thing to a family relationship that I have had with someone outside of my family. 

Anyway, I was just thinking of all of this as Eric sent me a new video to the Multi Force bag that he designed for Paratech. It was fun to see him work on a project that embodies the kind of industrial design that he was interested in during school and and has excelled at in the professional world. Eric is a designer who understands material and process beyond the skin of the object. Eric is able to bring any idea that he has into being, as he truly understands the power of knowledge about materials and processes when it comes to creating a truly new and innovative idea. He is constantly learning and researching the things that will allow him to develop the next idea. He the guy who brings fully functional objects to a Industrial Design critique because he cares about how something looks, works, and feels. Eric embodies the Industrial Designer that Jonathan Ive is searching for in the post I made a few days ago. It has been so fun to see Eric grow as a designer and a person. Eric just became a father a few weeks ago. I know he will be just as good at being a Dad as he is a Designer...

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