Friday, October 14, 2016

tsuga die

I cut a leather embossing die for Jimi at Tsuga today. I used a .02" flat square endmill. So tiny so I'm babying the Tormach a bit so I don't snap it. I am also currently cutting a stamping die to test. I tested the embossing die using a couple different techniques. The left sample was wet before stamping and the right two samples were stamped dry at different pressures using my hydraulic press. Jimi plans on using these on his handbag straps.  The strap is less that 1.25" wide so the logo has to be pretty small. I dropped these off late today, but Jimi had already left for the day.

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Felice Luftschein said...

Interesting, I'd love to see the final die when done. Do you think a filleted/radiused edge would be better than a sharp one for this so the leather isn't cut around the design edges or is that desirable?