Saturday, October 22, 2016

ural complaints

I headed to the studio yesterday on the Ural. It was raining and so conditions were less than optimal and halfway to the studio the Ural started running on one cylinder. I turned around and started for home after tinkering with things for a while by the side of the road. I knew that I wouldn't make up the hills on one cylinder so heading home was best. I returned home disgusted and angry, but Jill dropped me at the studio on her way. I was super disgusted with the Ural and figuring it was a major engine problem. Once I got to the studio I received this email story from Ural and then I decided I didn't have much to complain about. Go check out LeavingHomeFunktion to read more about this around the world trip on Urals. By the way, after further inspection today, it turns out I just had a fouled plug... go figure.

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