Wednesday, January 11, 2017

dorkpunch: doug turner

I day or two ago I was thumbing through some Instagram posts and noticed that Doug Turner was in the hospital. I've been following Doug via his Dorkpunch blog for quite some time. I believe Shop Teacher Bob connected the dots for me when he mentioned Doug in a post a long time ago. Since then I've been following Doug and his work. Doug is a teacher in Idaho that teaches subjects near and dear to my heart; and he's on the front lines of keeping Industrial Arts and "creative problem solving through making" alive in the elementary school where he works. I've never met Doug in person, but I have such a respect for what he does and how hard he works. I would be proud to be able to encounter some of Doug's students at the college level in a few years. We've communicated a few times about 3D printing and various tech stuff and I aways enjoy peeking at his world of being a maker, teacher and father. Doug appears to be a dedicated teacher and family man and so I feel a strong connection to him and his family regardless of the distance that we live a part (it's strange how the internet allows for this). Anyway, I became a worried when I read that Doug's health had taken a turn for the worse. Doug's brother posted this soon after I saw that Doug was in the hospital:

Hey Facebook land. My brother and his family could use your prayers and good thoughts today. He just went into surgery to remove his appendix, a lump on his colon and to do a biopsy on some stuff on his liver. He's pretty special to me and I know he is to his family too. Any good thoughts, prayers, or anything else you can send his way for healing, the doctors way for guidance, and his wife and kids way for peace and comfort are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I was more than a little freaked out by this news and started lifting Doug up in my prayers. All I could think is that Doug's too young for this to happen and he's got too many good things happening in his life. Later that night Doug's wife, Sarah, posted the following: 

Doug is doing well! Really tired and tender, but vital signs look good. It sounds like the tumor was actually his colon folded over- I think that's what the doctor said. Waiting for clarification. He thought the tissue from the lesions on the liver looked normal, but sending them in to get tested and will know for sure on Friday. Doctor went into surgery talking like it was probably cancer, and came out of surgery much more optimistic that it was not cancer. I am feeling very grateful right now. Thank you for all the prayers and support so far! With Doug Turner

I was super relieved to read this, but I'm hoping that all of you out there will join me in keeping Doug in your thoughts and prayers. Doug's not through this yet and I firmly believe that the more people keeping Doug in their prayers the better the outcome will be. Doug, if you happen to read this I hope it's o.k. that I shared this and know that I'm sending positive wishes to You and Your Family!

Just so you know this is a little info about Doug from his blog:
I am a full time teacher and part time small engine guru in South East Idaho. I teach the best subjects possible- Tech and Design, Metals and Leathers, and Small Engine and Bicycle Repair. Mr. T's Mobile Small Engine Repair is my summer job- which is helping me be able to afford to be a teacher! I have a wide range of expertise and experience that customers can benefit from.


Shop Teacher Bob said...

Thanks for posting this. Doug hadn't posted anything on his blog in quite some time and I was wondering how things were going with him. Not what I wanted to hear, however. I'll send some positive mojo his way. If there's anything else you think I might be able to help with, you've got my e-mail address.

Frankie Flood said...

Will do! I think Doug is doing much better from the looks of things on his Instagram feed. He's already back into a new hot Wheels construction. Thanks for sending positive mojo his way; I know he will appreciate it!